Hero Halo PDF Pattern Free Download

Recently with my mother being diagnosed with cancer I quickly put my hand up to sew her some beanies.

I jumped online to find a PDF Pattern that was stylish and easy to follow, after searching for about an hour and not yet being a confident seamstress I was starting to feel a bit dissapointed. Don't get me wrong there are some gorgeous pattern's if you can read German! 🤣

I did however find a free pattern at sewing org that had some great measurements but the instructions had me lost. Our admin and sewing guru Kiaraleigh, helped me to reword the instructions and cut the pattern on the fold with a predetermined curve rather than a freehand one.

From there the pattern finally clicked for me and I could whip up a beanie for my mum in next to no time. Before long my girls wanted some just like Grandma too, so we decided to include children's sizing.

The AMAZING Liz from Thread Faction Studio who has far more pattern drafting knowledge than I ever will, offered to help draft the pattern for me to gift as a free download. My hope is that this can be used for those like me who need more foolproof instructions to make a beanie for a loved one.

I was touched by those in the TMGA VIP Group who were going through or had been through the cancer journey themself or with loved ones. This is a small way in which we hope the broader sewing community can continue to give back and donate to other's in their local community.

As this is a FREE DOWNLOAD we ask that you do not make these for profit we intended this pattern for loved one's, friends and those in need of a Hero Halo. ️

Download Below 🎀

  • Terri Hadwen on

    Thank you! Having been diagnosed recently with Breast Cancer and starting chemo I have printed this out to sew up. Funny I coped with losing my breast but losing my hair was been quite traumatic which seems to be the case with many women. Best wishes for anyone going through chemo 💕

  • Virginia Lowry on

    Tears flooding my eyes. My older sister (79 on 12-24-18) recently diagnosed & just beginning chemo. She lives in Florida, I live in Oklahoma & I “sew” but struggle. With my stash of fabric (daydreams) I hope to bring her some beauty & laughs using this pattern. May God bless you for sharing all around the world, literally.

  • joan on

    I’m just wondering if you could recommend fabric that would be suitable for Hero Halo,

  • Tara on

    Thank you for sharing this pattern. I will be making some of these over the weekend for my Aunt who has just started Chemo. xx

  • Pamela V on

    Thank you very much for sharing the Hero Halo Missy Rose and Thread Faction. I used turbans all the time when going through chemo – hated my wig.

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